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Retail Market Monitor Regional Research Education


Market Commentary

  HK stocks’ ADR retreated nearly 80 points; and sliding Apple Inc. bringing pressure to industry chain stocks    

What's in the Pack:
REITs & Landlords – Hong Kong Time To Go Shopping
YOFC (6869 HK), China Telecom (728 HK)


Technical/Quantitative Analysis & Special Focus

  YOFC (6869 HK) - Trading Buy / China Telecom (728 HK) - Trading Buy  
  YOFC (6869 HK): The stock just finished a Gartley pattern and rebounded from its...
China Telecom (728 HK): The stock broke above an inverse head and shoulder pattern...


  Tianjin Tianbao Energy Co., Ltd. (1671)
  The Group is the sole power operator in Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone (Seaport). It is engaged in cogeneration of steam together with electricity, heating and cooling. It is the only such power operator in Tianjin which is also engaged in electricity dispatch and sale, according to the Ipsos Report...  
  HKE Holdings Limited (1726)
  They are a Singapore-based contractor specialised in the medical and healthcare sectors...  
  Wang Yang Holdings (1735 HK)
  The Group is principally undertake (i) foundation works; (ii) superstructure building works; and (iii) other construction works in Hong Kong...  
  Jiangsu Innovative Ecological New Materials Limited (2116 HK)
  The Group develops, manufactures and markets oil refining agents and fuel additives that are primarily applied to reduce undesirable emissions and comply with the evolving regulatory requirements...  
  Most Kwai Chung Limited (1716 HK)
  The Group provides integrated advertising and media services to customers through different media platforms...  

Global Futures

  Chart Of The Day EUR/USD: 1.2345    

Mild upward pressure has eased, EUR trading in a range for now...




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