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- ET Net IQ Streaming will renew security certificate on 13 March 2014 (Thursday) during 16:15 to 16:45.


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  Property – Hong Kong    
  Widening Scope As A Financial Centre...  

UTRADE Weekly Forecast Video- Issuance of Preferred Shares Lessens the Debt Problem (Cantonese Only)


  UTRADE Weekly Forecast videos offers you a quick review of major market issues for the coming weeks (Cantonese only)...


Technical/Quantitative Analysis & Special Focus


  Petrochina (857 HK) - Tracing Out A Rounding Top  
  Petrochina is tracing out a rounding top formation...  


  WH Group Limited (288) - Offering 15-04-2014
  The Group is the world’s largest pork company, with global leadership across key segments of the industry value chain, including packaged meats, fresh pork and hog production...  
  Wang Tai Holdings (1400) 11-04-2014
  It seems that Intime has settled near HK$7.90 in the past four trading days...  
  BAIOO (2100) 28-03-2014
  The Group is China’s largest online entertainment destination designed for children as measured by revenue in 2013, according to the iResearch Report...  



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