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Retail Market Monitor Regional Research Education


Market Commentary

  US stock market pared its loss and rose at market close amid HK stocks’ ADR moved back 164 points    

What's in the Pack:
Economic Activity 3Q17 Real GDP Growth Slows To 6.8% yoy; Will PBOC Leave The Tap Running?
ZTE (763 HK), CNBM (3323 HK)


Technical/Quantitative Analysis & Special Focus

  ZTE (763 HK) - Trading Sell/ CNBM (3323 HK) - Trading Buy  
  ZTE (763 HK): The stock validated a double-top pattern on Thursday with a bearish... CNBM (3323 HK): The stock closed above the key resistance at HK$5.94...  


  Flying Mining Limited (1625) - offering
   The Group is a marble mining and processing company in China. Its Shiqian Project, which consists of Leishoushan Project and Processing Plant, is strategically located in Guizhou Province...  
  Kakiko Group Ltd (2225)
  The Group is a Singapore-based service provider and they mainly provide manpower...  
  Wing Chi Holdings Ltd (6080)
   The Group is a Hong Kong-based subcontractor engaged in foundation and site formation works...  
  United Strength Power Holdings Limited (2337)
  The Group is a leading vehicle natural gas refuelling station operator in Jilin Province...  
  Geotech Holdings Ltd (1707) - offering

Global Futures

  FX Insights 16 October 2017    

Shift to bearish; anticipating a break of 1.5930 for a move to 1.5830...




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