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Retail Market Monitor Regional Research Education


Market Commentary

  Tencent’s result failed to benefit the market with HSI opened higher and closed lower    

What's in the Pack:
Property – Hong Kong Has The Liquidity Tide Turned?


Technical/Quantitative Analysis & Special Focus

  Angang Steel (347 HK) - Trading Buy  
  Yesterday (28 Jun), Angang Steel jumped 5.5% in a long white...  


  Golden Faith Group (2863) - Offering
  The Group’s principal business activities are the provisions of the electrical and ELV system works...  
  BGMC International (1693) - Offering
  Founded in 1996, the Group is a construction services company based in Malaysia...  
  Zhongyuan Bank (1216)
  The bank is the largest city commercial bank in Henan Province, in terms of total assets, total deposits...  
  Inner Mongolia Energy Engineering (1649)
  The Group is a large comprehensive power industry solutions provider in China, focusing on power grid and new energy projects...  
  Win Win Way Construction (994)
  Established in 1999, the Group is a construction...  

Global Futures

  FX Insights 18 August 2017    

Increasing risk of a deeper pull-back...




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