Internet Security

Your role in ensuring security

  • Safeguard your user ID and password
    Use a password that is difficult to guess i.e. no username, date of birth, sequential numbers, running alphabets or personal related data Never reveal your password to anyone, keep it confidential at all times Never share your password with others and change your password regularly.
  • Always log out before closing the browser
    Logging off closes the session. You should always log off by selecting the logout button on the top navigational bar on the right before closing the browser.
  • Ensure you have the latest browser version
    With the latest browser version, you will have the latest updated security features for that browser.
  • Disable AutoComplete for user IDs and passwords (only applies to Internet Explorer)
      The AutoComplete function saves your user ID and password in the system. You can deactivate any user ID or password being stored by following the steps below:
    • Launch your Internet Explorer browser
    • Select "Tools" >> "Internet Options"
    • Select "Content" tab
    • Under the "Personal Information" heading, select "AutoComplete"
    • Untick "User names and passwords on forms" and click on "Clear Passwords".
    • Click on "OK" and save the changes
  • Clear your cache after each session
    When you log on to our online trading system, temporary files are stored in your system's cache. These files should be cleared after each session by the following steps:
      Using Internet Explorer
    • Select "Tools" >> "Internet Options"
    • Select "General" tab.
    • Click on the "Delete Files" button under the Temporary Internet Files.
    • Tick the "Delete all offline content" and click on "OK"
    • Click on "OK" and save the changes
  • Avoid sharing or using shared / public computers
    Sharing or using shared or public computers to access our online trading system is a potential security risk on your part. If you do use a shared or public computer, ensure you disable AutoComplete, log out, and clear your cache after your session.
  • Ensure adequate security if on a wireless network
    Make certain that the wireless network has been configured to incorporate some form of security, including but not limited to, data encryption.
  • Check your account regularly and inform us immediately if you suspect unauthorized access on your account
    Always check your order history regularly to ensure that all details are updated and there has been no unauthorized access on your account. If you suspect an unauthorized access, please inform us immediately.
  • Regularly update your contact details
    Keep us constantly updated to your latest contact details. This is to facilitate us contacting you if needed.
  • Protect your computer against malicious viruses by installing and updating anti-virus software, and never install software programs from an unknown source
    Certain viruses as well as programs may capture sensitive personal data without your knowledge. Prevent this from happening by constantly updating your anti-virus software and regularly scanning your system.


Your Responsibilities and Obligations

Any use of the UOBKH online trading service by you shall be in accordance with and subject to the Terms and Conditions governing such online trading at all times. Under the Terms and Conditions, you are fully responsible for the use, protection, and confidentiality of the user ID and password as well as all transactions executed through the user ID and password, regardless of whether such transactions were entered or authorized by you. It is therefore highly recommended that you should read and comply with the recommended Internet security practices. UOBKH shall not be liable for any loss, cost, expense or damage arising from any unauthorized access of the UOBKH online trading service or theft of the user ID or password.